Sunday, February 26, 2012

Microsoft Forums Mobile Application

Microsoft Customer Services and Support have launch of Microsoft Forums Mobile Application. The web version of this application is available for all smart phones that support HTML5, in the web browser.

“Microsoft Forums” Application allows you access MSDN, TechNet and Office365 forums directly right from your mobile devices. You can keep on track with the hottest topics, your own threads, favorite forums, in search with major topics, FAQs, and the latest news from OneCode & OneScript. Microsoft Forums connects you with our forum communities like never before. Access now and get started with all the Microsoft Forums right in your palms @



By simply inserting your Forum Display Name in the Settings Menu, without further saving. It’s done! For better experience, Wifi or 3G network environment is preferable.  

Also, experience “Microsoft Forums” from your PC desktop:

MSDN Gadget TechNet Gadget Office 365 Gadget

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